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Sudoku Solver (xls)

The craze over sudokus and its variations have certainly increased dramatically over the last couple years.  For a time, I would get a copy of the daily sudoku from a respected colleague, and in my "down-time" would try to crank through the puzzle before he was ready to supply another the next day.  Similar to the NY Times crossword, the start of the week puzzles were simple but then gradually progressed to the diabolical stage by the end of the week.

In order to resolve the dichotomy of minimal free time and solving the puzzles, I used an Excel spreadsheet to enter the puzzle and through VBA taught the spreadsheet most of the methods I would employ to solve one by hand.  The program can generally solve up to moderate sudoku puzzles thus resolving at least part of my time dilemma.  If the program could solve it then I knew that I could by hand, and it left extra time for me to focus on the more difficult ones.

Enjoy !

Note:  Since the spreadsheet contains macros, you may need to change the macro settings in Excel in order to allow it to run.

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